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Important Announcement
10:28am - 12/Oct/2011
Dear Plan Advisors,
We would like to inform you of some important changes happening at RcF going forward.
As you know, Retirement Compensation Funding Inc (RcF)  provides a turnkey Supplemental Employee Retirement Plan (SERP) program using the Retirement Compensation Arrangement (RCA) provisions under the Income Tax Act for higher earning Executives / Business Owners.  SERPs / RCAs are used to fund a supplemental pension plan in addition to RRSPs (and/or other Registered Plans) and are funded due to legislative caps/limits placed on RRSP / RPPs for high earning Canadians.    RcF’s turnkey program is administered by BMO Trust Company as the Corporate Trustee on all RCAs.   
Effective October 17th, Pierre Ghorbanian will be moving over to BMO Insurance in the Advanced Markets department.   One of his functions will including working with Financial Advisors contracted with BMO Insurance in the development of RCAs funded with BMO Insurance related products.   Pierre will be RcF’s liaison at BMO Insurance, and will continue to use RcF’s RCA illustration system (under agreed arrangements with RcF) and the special arrangements RcF has with BMO Trust Company (to offer RCA Trust Services a significantly reduced rates exclusive to RcF).
RcF is looking forward to continuing to working with Pierre in the development of RCAs.   At the same time, we have brought on Andrea Lettner who will be RcF’s Technology & Illustrations Associate.   Andrea has been working in the IT field for 10 years, and one function will include modernizing and automating our RCA Illustration software including web-based and mobile applications platform.   RcF is looking forward to the work ahead on this very big initiative.        
Please make note of some important email and websites for the ongoing servicing of your RCA.
Administrative inquiries about your clients RCA Trust such as how to make investment changes, distribution of funds, mailing addresses to BMO Trust or CRA, etc:   Go to to view guides, templates, and FAQs.    If you still cannot locate the answer, contact Bob Mathew at BMO Trust Company.    
General New Business/Sales or Technical Inquiries:   Please contact Roy Craik, Carl Rosen, or Mike McGraw
New Business RCA inquiries for RCAs funded/underwritten by BMO Insurance:  Please contact Pierre via your BMO Insurance Regional Sales Office as his BMO phone and email information is not available at the time of this announcement.
If you have any questions on these new arrangements, please contact me at 416.364.6444 or


Roy W. Craik
Retirement Compensation Funding Inc

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