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Retirement Compensation Funding (RcF) today announced their new PENSIONPlus Target Benefit Supplemental Pension Plan.
8:40pm - 03/Mar/2014
For immediate release

Retirement Compensation Funding (RcF) today announced their new PENSIONPlus Target Benefit Supplemental Pension Plan.

Roy Craik, stated that “the launch would be in regions with a high concentration of privately owned firms either through RcFDirect or contracted Senior Associates”.

Since 1988, RcF has been designing customized Supplemental Pension solutions for both Public and Private Corporations.
Craik indicated that “We are very excited about this new product. It makes it possible for companies to offer secure supplemental retirement benefits to retain key employees”.

With the funding cap on Registered Pension Plans and low investment returns, there is great concern over the adequacy of retirement income particularly for employees in private corporations with only RRSP or Group RRSP benefits.

PENSIONPlus Target Benefit SERP allows an employer to meet the challenge of retaining and rewarding key talent by offering supplemental pension benefits. The selected Target Benefit is defined and guaranteed thus offering desired security to key employees and provides incentive to remain with the company to normal retirement.

Although defined and guaranteed pension benefits are highly regarded and sought by employees, they have concerned employers because of the potential cost of the guarantee.

“This latter concern”, Craik states,” is mitigated by the design of PENSIONPlus Target Benefit SERP.”.
This new plan is focused on companies that do not currently offer SERP benefits. For companies that do have SERP benefits on a “pay-as-you-go” basis, RcF offers SERPPlus.

Craik said, that “RcF’s SERPPlus continues to be the best option particularly, for Public Corporations that must declare and expense SERP liabilities”.  SERPPlus also adds a cost recovery element for Shareholders.

“With PENSIONPlus Target Benefit SERP”, Mr Mosher points out, that “employees can now receive similar Supplemental Pension Benefits that owners have enjoyed through RcF’s PENSIONPlus”.

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