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 Articles, Opinions, and RCFNews  articles for Financial Advisors, Accountants and Legal professionals relating to SERPs, RCAs, and IPPs can be found here in the the RCFLibrary

If  you are looking for a simplified non-technical RCA presentation, you can view the RRSPWrapmicrosite.


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  • 'Rethinking Remuneration'.  By: Pierre Ghorbanian, Advisor's Edge Report, September 2011 (Read)

  • 'IPPs Still Viable'.  By: Pierre Ghorbanian, Advisor's Edge Report, August  2011 (Read)

  • 'Retirement Income Inadequacy Increases Significantly after $150,000'.  By: Carl Rosen, Private Wealth Canada, August 2011 (Read)

  • 'SERPs In Public Corporations ‒ Problems & Solutions '.  By: Roy W. Craik, Private Wealth Canada, August 2011 (Read)

  • 'Personal Pension Plans'.  By: Pierre Ghorbanian, Canadian Capital Magazine, August  2011 (Read)

  • 'Case by Case'.  By: Pierre Ghorbanian, Advisors Edge Report, October 2010 (Read)

  • 'RCAs And Key Employee Retention'.  By: Pierre Ghorbanian, Benefits and Pension Monitor, April 2010 (Read)

  • 'Getting the GRIP on CCPC Dividends'.  By: Carl Rosen, Advisor Edge Report, April 2008 (Read)

  • 'Dealing with the Pension Shortfall:  RCAs vs. Corporate Insured Retirement Plans'.  By: Carl Rosen, Advisor Edge Report, February 2008 (Read)

  • 'The New Executive SERP:  Tax Sheltered RCAs'.  By: Roy W. Craik, Benefits and Pension Monitor, October 2006 (Read)

RCFNews articles have been categorized for quick reference to specific issues or concepts relative to RCAs:
  • Business Owners/Shareholder Issues

  • Key Employees & Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans / Group RCAs:

  • Tax & Financial Planning Issues

  • Corporate Owned Life Insurance Concepts & RCAs

  • Abusive Strategies

  • Tax-Sheltered/Insurance Funded RCAs

  • FAQs


    Business Owners/Shareholder Issues:

    • Ending Pension Discrimination For The Small Business Owner  (English / Français)

    • Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCAs) & Business Succession  (English / Français)

    • Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCAs) & Structured Investments (English / Français)

    • The RRSPWrap™ for Private Business - Don't Retire Without One (English / Français)

    • Business Owners—Pensions & Planning  (English / Français)

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    Key Employees & Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans / Group RCAs:

    • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs) using Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCAs) (English / Français).

    • SERP Funding and Key Employee Retention (English / Français)

    • SERPs in Public Corporations - Problems & Solutions (English / Français)

    • A New Thought on Key Executive Benefits (English / Français)

    • SERPs - A Perspective for Directors (English / Français)

    • Guaranteed Target Benefit Pensions/SERPs - (English / Français)

    • Key Employees—Solving the Benefit Puzzle  -  (English / Français)

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    Tax & Financial Planning Issues:

    • Retirement Compensation Arrangements and Lower Taxes - Why Albertans Buy RCAs (English / Français)

    • The Accounting Dilemma - Retirement Compensation Arrangement (RCA) vs. Bonus Out  (English / Français)

    • 'Getting the “GRIP” on CCPC Dividends' (English / Français)

    • 'Corporate Taxes and Supplemental Pension Funding' (English / Français)

    • 'Estate Planning and your RCA' (English / Français)

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    Corporate Owned Life Insurance Concepts & RCAs:

    • To Wrap or not to Wrap? - That is the Question. (English / Français)

    • Funding Retirement Benefits – Retirement Compensation Arrangements vs. Corporate Insured Retirement Programs (English / Français)

    • 'Corporate Taxes and Supplemental Pension Funding' (English / Français)

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    Abusive Strategies:

    • RCA Advantage Rules (English)

    • Loan-Back Retirement Compensation Arrangements with Employer Corporation.  (English / Français)

    • Split-Dollar & Shared Ownership Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCAs). (English / Français)

    • Leveraged Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCAs) – What is the Concern? (English / Français)

    • Retirement Compensation Arrangement (RCA) Abuses:  CRA Speaks Out (English / Français)

      • Special Update (English / Français)

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    Tax-Sheltered/Insurance Funded RCAs:

    • Insurance Funded Retirement Compensation Arrangements - Who Qualifies. (English / Français)

    • Life Insurance in the Retirement Compensation Arrangement.  (English / Français)

    • Tax Sheltered vs. Conventional Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCAs) - What is the Focus? (English / Français)

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    • PENSIONPlus™ FAQ: You Have Questions. We have Answers

      (English / Français)

    • PENSIONPlus™ FAQ II: You Have More Questions. We have more Answers (English / Français)

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